niedziela, 16 marca 2014


G’day, I came back to Australia for one day, to move myself a bit, getting sick of sitting. 

The travel passed quick and easy, in fact I was moving without changing the place a lot.

I knew that day like this will come, or even few of them, when I just can’t move or do nothing because of all those things which have to be done over here. But it’s not a problem. As I said I knew it, so I prepared myself well.
I’ve just dive into my hard dive. There are so many pictures still waiting for the look. So I just went there and grab those ones.

It’s interesting how images bring back the memories. Looking at them I found out everything well saved in my mind. The place where it was, the day, the weather, what I was thinking about, what I have done before, what I was going to do later and what ideas I had. The only thing is… is it good to look back ? Well I always say that it’s impossible to see what is coming, so sometimes is good to look back to the past to find out how to handle the future. Look back to be sure what makes you happy and then go further to take more of that.

Habia Sol, donde esta el Sol ?  

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