wtorek, 8 lipca 2014

Breath – don’t forget about it

They say that to keep alive you have to eat, to drink, to think or to love even. But eventually the breathing is the most important. To conquer the Space NASA wasn’t thinking that much how to take food up there. How the hell to breath – this was the real challenge! 

What happens when we give up with it? Usually we die basically, but before that so many interesting things can happen!

And it’s worth to hold your breath sometimes. Just forget about it for a minute or three, and visit the places where you don’t go so often, even if they are just there – next to you every day.

To dive down those couple of meters, forget about everything. I discovered that most of the problems are floating, so diving deep you are leaving them on the surface. So go ahead, but don’t forget to open your eyes. You wouldn’t be disappointed, I promise. What you’ll see is sometimes… breathtaking I would say, but it’s not the best expression for now, but amazing it can be.

It’s interesting how easy is to forget about oxygen when so many things are happening around you. Going down just 3-4m but fighting with the current, searching for the nice views, trying to place yourself in the good position to take the photo. And all this trying to move slow and easy to save the energy and get as close as it’s possible…

One minute past, second is ending and there is third coming right after. Leg muscles are calling for oxygen, in pain working so hard agonist the pressing water.

Impossible. No way fool. Up, go up!
But how? If there is Discovery Channel, or another Animal Planet LIVE in HD just in front of me?

A couple of photos more…

But then the HD disappears, the view becomes darker, the heartbeat which is always there in the years becomes weird, weaker and weaker… How long it was? Who cares, only what matters that the surface is that close...


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