poniedziałek, 24 marca 2014

The photo from the live show should be as loud as the concert was. Or even more.
Here are some of my favourite shots, I hope to do way more this year !


czwartek, 20 marca 2014


This is one of those places where you have to be very creative to get bored.

I have never been in the place which is soooo touristic, but with so many secrets and hidden things to discovery at the same time. 

You can walk by busy streets full of cars, people in hurry, tourists with their cameras, shops, noise noise and nose. Then take a few tiny streets and teleport far far from all this. You walked 5 min away and it makes you feel that you are in the different place in the world. Where time stops relaxed, and seems to enjoy silence as you do.

The tourist guides tell you everything about this place, so famous and well known. With history, stories and legends. Whatever, If you get all this or you don't all you need are your own eyes. Just take a walk. You can start in one of those “must see” things which all the people will ask you about, and then just walk. Be your own tourist guide and have fun.

wtorek, 18 marca 2014


As small as quick, blue bolt passing by the river low over the surface. Electric flash with loud tjjjiiih as a battle cry. On the other hand calm as a water which he's watching, waiting for the prey with unlimited patience. Ready to strike down in one short dive caching the fish before she can even realize what happened.

The Kingfisher (no me gusta nada el nombre que pusieron los ingleses... ) is a resident of almost whole Europe, south Asia and some of them during the winter cross the Mediterranean into north Africa. When the cold comes and ice keeps the water closed they have to travel even over 3000km to find their place to stay.

During the rest of the year, hunting by their home river they highly territorial. Each one needs up to 5 km of privacy. That's because of the hunger, quick movements cost energy. One bird eats almost 60% of it's body weight each day. This explains why Kingfisher isn't so social, solitary most of the year. Fights between them occurs and they are very serious about that. Especially when one try to drown another.


They can live up to 20 years, but the world isn't that sweet. Only 25% survive from one breeding season to another and very few of them live longer then one. The young ones are highly selected  as well, from 100 eggs no more than 10 becomes a beautiful blue bird. Most of them die of cold and lack of food. Winter kills them by it own frosty hands or they can't stay the difficult travel. And after all of those there is one bonus – humans. Killing Kingfishers for fun, feathers or just because of thinking that they can eat all fish at all.

Evolution is slow, but it does great job making a perfect hunter from this little bird. Kingfishers spots the prey by the eyes – which are just made for this. Polarization “coating” cuts off the reflex of the water, cells of the retina with more pigments enhancing color and reducing glare. By the way the retina by itself can switch into “air” and “under water” mode what keeps the vision sharp wherever the bird is. Egg-shaped lens of the eye makes the bird see under the water almost as good as fish does...

Such an interesting thing that even has a legends and stories on his account.

In Greek mythology there is a story of the women changed by gods into the Kingfisher, so she can keep on searching for her lost husband.

Another tell says that gods punished two lovers by changing them into this bird. Then, always when they tried do build a nest the sea level was rising to destroy it. But the gods weren't that bad at all. Once an every year they set the sea calm so they birds could have their time. It happens every year in “kingfisher days” always one week before the day when night is as long as the day.

Because of that story Greeks believes that Kingfisher can control the water and the sea, so they made it as a symbol which should protect their ships.

niedziela, 16 marca 2014


G’day, I came back to Australia for one day, to move myself a bit, getting sick of sitting. 

The travel passed quick and easy, in fact I was moving without changing the place a lot.

I knew that day like this will come, or even few of them, when I just can’t move or do nothing because of all those things which have to be done over here. But it’s not a problem. As I said I knew it, so I prepared myself well.
I’ve just dive into my hard dive. There are so many pictures still waiting for the look. So I just went there and grab those ones.

It’s interesting how images bring back the memories. Looking at them I found out everything well saved in my mind. The place where it was, the day, the weather, what I was thinking about, what I have done before, what I was going to do later and what ideas I had. The only thing is… is it good to look back ? Well I always say that it’s impossible to see what is coming, so sometimes is good to look back to the past to find out how to handle the future. Look back to be sure what makes you happy and then go further to take more of that.

Habia Sol, donde esta el Sol ?  

Don't miss it!