niedziela, 8 września 2013

Spring is coming

When I was preparing me to go to Australia I realized that I’m leaving beautiful Polish summer behind me. Of course if we have full summer up here there has to be cold now. But until my last days at home I’ve just forgotten about that.

I took some warmer clothes with me, but not to much. Come on ! I go to Australia !
It was nothing wrong with my shorts and t-shirt which I wear. Bydgoszcz 35*C, Berlin 38*, Abu-Dabi 40-something… Wormer and wormer. 

And then Sydney welcomed me with -2*….

I was so angry, how I could be that stupid ? Now I’m freezing here waiting on the train station without good jacket.

But OK, It wasn’t that bad. In Narromine winter isn’t so strong and we had a lot of nice days with 15-20 during the day. I survived.

But I forgot about another thing, if there is the winter there HAS to be spring as well.
There is, and now it comes !

Beautiful sunny days, 25-28*C. Flowers, snakes, mosquitoes, birds are singing. Paradise almost.  

Second spring this year, that’s good score !

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