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It burns, but does it destroy ?

Fire, one of the elements and like all the others can be our friend keeping warm our homes during long winter months, but can destroy whole city when gets angry. In human history this friendship usually have gone well. Apart the some accidents the burning fire keeps engine of our civilization going.

But do only humans are smart enough to have fire as a friend ?

It seems to be. For the wild nature fire means fear, damage and death. Wild animals run away as fast and far as it’s possible and the rest of the nature which wasn’t lucky enough in evolution lottery and doesn’t have legs - turns to ash after short friendship with flames.

Looks that only the human race use fire as a tool to develop and change environment for themselves.

However it’s NOT true.

There is other specie which LIKES flames, use fire to WIN with others races to survive. Burning heat doesn’t mean DEATH for them, actually it brings LIFE. They developed ways not only to SURVIVE but even to SET the fire.

Every forest here is full of them, for this reason – they burned out the competition. 

The winner is the Gum Three – Eucalyptus

The photos show how beautiful can be disaster of the bush fire. And how the forest rises up from the ashes, just one year after the flames which in Australia are the natural part of the life cycle.

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