poniedziałek, 6 października 2014

More, more and more.

Problems are in the air, they are very light, spreading quick everywhere and doesn't matter what you do, they chase you so easy. They are very unstable as well, there are no rules and balance in their activity. That's why avoiding those guys we are almost helpless.

Thinking hurts, less you think - happier you are. Unlucky we are supposed to be the smartest creatures on this planet. We think almost constantly, creating problems, complicating all those simple things.

Have you ever thought how to escape this...

...I got you !

Thinking is not the way out, It leads you again to the same place which you just have tried to leave.

They are in the air, they float... Hold your breath than, and dive ! With the damn taste of the salty water in your mouth follow the blue deeper and deeper, leave them all on the surface, let the pressure squeeze those few liters of problematic air in you lungs and trap it there. Switch the brain into the standby mode. Enjoy it and look around.

The tricky thing is that If you want to stay alive breathing is a key.

Well... concentrate than, laught on them, take a deep breath and make a step. And then another, as long as you have your brain switeched off you'll not fall... as all your problem do !


This never changes, I hope so.

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