środa, 28 sierpnia 2013

The Sky(walker)

Things which we have the same all over the world... Well there is few of them; air, cats, empty wallet or stupid people. Wherever you go they are there, doesn't matter how fast, far or deep you'll go.
The same with sky, just look up - it's always there. But always different.

Narromine's light pollution

How about here ? Looks pretty similar, may a bit bigger. If there is nothing on the bottom what covers it, there is sensation of huge blue ocean over you. But here are no cities as well, it means no lights - no light pollution then ! So what ? Go out at night and check what you miss every night while sleeping !

small part of the Milky Way

Yes it's stunning. Loads of stars on deep black background shining like crazy. Only pain of your neck tells you that last 10-20min you have been standing like fool with head up and open mouth...


But at the other hand there is Moon too. You need just half of it to turn off black colour of the night. During the full moon there is no night almost, take a nice walk then - you don't have to sleep that much !

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